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Rates & Services

Here we offer boarding, lessons, and training for horse and equestrian. Layups are offered when space is available. 



We feed 12% grain and  Grass mix  & Alfalfa hay. We do use round bales when available.


Stall board*: $400 includes Stall and daily turnout, weather permitting. Grain (up to 5 lbs), and Hay, clean fresh water, application of fly spray(supplied by owner), Stalls cleaned regularly. We use woody pet bedding &  or shavings in the stalls.  


Field board*: $350.00 Round bales & square bales are fed out in fields. Grain ( up to 5 lbs), application of supplied fly spray, checking of fly sheets/blankets daily. 3 Run-in sheds. 

Special needs and stall rest prices will vary, please call for quote. 856-673-9313


*All prices are per month*

*Prices subject to change without notice* 


I have over 30 years experience with horses and teaching. English, Western and Dressage lessons are offered.

Private 1 hour $45.00 (Available to ages 5 & up (under 5 if they have the attention span to do it))

Private 1/2 hour( Ages 5& Under)  $30.00

Semi Private 1 hour (2 students) $35.00/ student

Group Lessons 1 hour (3+ students) $30.00/student


***24 hour notice must be given on all cancellations. $25.00  fee will be due if 24 hour notice not given.***

Lessons include learning to catch, groom, and to tack your horse up properly for the discipline you are riding, to ride, and to untack and regroom the horse, and Turn back out in the field or stall.   Everyday safe horse care and handling is taught everyday.    


The new paddock


Training the problem horse or just giving them a tune up, we can tailor a program for your horse.

We also train babies as well for lungeline, halter and showmanship before their riding days start.

Baby Girl (Owned by Lisa Toothman)

Ty showing at Gloucester County 4-h Fairgrounds

Pixie( Owned by Anna Ilic) standing at the trailer at Gloucester County 4-h Fairgrounds

Ginger (Owned by Lorrie Cona) at Camden County 4-h Emerald Series show- Halter Class






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