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TAZ -- R.I.P.  09-02-2009

Taz came into my life 5 years ago. He will always be in my heart. The above pix is him with his best friend Mackenzie. We will all miss him dearly, but know he is doing great where he is.

Zippo's Wayward Sun aka Noah or  NoNo pony

 Noah is  a 19 year old Registered Quarter Pony, 14'2hh. He has been shown breed and in open shows.  He has been to the 4-h state show in New Jersey. He rides English and Western, Dressage, and Jumps 2'6", has auto changes. You can see his western riding pattern on He has many year end and show day championships. He is fun to take out on the trails too!

Zippo's Chilly Soul, aka Joey or Bad Boy


This is Joey! The farm clown. He is a 15 year old Registered QH, 15'2hh. He has shown breed and open shows in Halter, Showmanship, Hunter, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Trail. He can be ridden by just about anyone.  He is the only horse on the farm that is "spur broke". If you are lucky he will give you a kiss for a carrot or apple.  He is Kelly's favorite horse to trail ride!

Captain Sweet aka Sweetie or Cappy


Sweetie is a 27 year old 15'1 hh Registered Paint horse. Sweetie has been in the family since he was 2 years old. He has shown Paint and open shows in English, Western, Trail, Jumping and Dressage. He is a blast to ride on the trails. The highest he ever jumped was 5', in his younger days, of course. He now only jumps crossrails. He is currently living with and being leased by  Reese Yates in Williamstown and loves every minute of it!

Perfect Selection aka Rockefeller or Rocky

These two are so cute.They were watching me work Tim and kept their eyes on us the whole time.

Rockefeller has been with me for 16 years. He has a trigeminal nerve disorder called photic head shaking so he has been retired from riding for the past 11 years. He is a 21 year old TB gelding. He had a short racing career, then dressage. We did a little cross country with the best trainer ever...Earlen Haven. She worked really well with me and Rocky. 

Ginger aka Gha-Gha, or G

Ginger is a 12 year old Quarter Horse. She is owned by my mother.  We have had her since she was about a year old. She excells at halter and showmanship. Loves to jump anything you put in front of her. She loves peppermints and carrots anytime. She has been to a few shows in the past and has been awesome. Super on trail rides, nothing spooks her!



 In the pix Ginger & Willow at a Camden County 4-h Horse show 2009

Willow came to me because she was spooky on trails, and paces, and scared her owner. I have been working on despooking her and she is making great strides.  This mare will jump anything you stick in front of her! She is also a really nice dressage horse. She is 17 years old and just  a sweetie to be around. Victoria is also in the pix...Willow is her best friend! They competed at the Camden County 4-H Fair and rocked!!

James Tiberius Kirk aka TY


Ty is a rockstar! Her favorite person is Aislinn Conway! Aislin and Ty are such a cute pair, getting pics of them together up soon!


Filly & Nikki

Filly is a breeding stock paint mare and Nikki (R.I.P. 12-22-09) was a great Thoroughbred race horse.


 Filly is currently living with her mamma and happy as a clam!

One Smooth Native aka Lamont, Mont Mont or Lazy Boy and his pal Shad

What a wonderful gelding he is. Went from doing team penning and trail riding to being Reserve Champion Dressage at NJ State show 2 years in a row!!! Angela puts alot of time and work into this boy. He is pictured here with his buddy Shadow. Lamont is currently living it up With Rocky near Angela's home for the Summer!


Potential Pays Off aka Bella, Beebop, Mama

Bella is a 6 year old dark bay HUGE mare! She is ridden Western & English, also turns out she's great at not only showmanship but Halter too! Went to the AQHA Congress in 2013 and was so good for her showmanship pattern!

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